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The holy land of Vrindaban is situated 12 km northwest of Mathura. Its geographical location on the globe is 27.33N and 77.41E. Just by pronouncing the name of Vrindaban our heart fill with joy. This is because of the intimate association of Sri Krishna with Vrindaban. Vrindaban lies in the heart of the region called Brij. It is the place where Sri Radha & Krishna had performed their Leelas?, years ago. This sacred land has been defined as the body of God in the book PadmaPurana.

Since years, Vrindaban has been the devotional centre of religion people. Several great people like Chaitya Mahaprabhu, Swami Haridas, Sri Hit Haribansh, Mahaprabhu Ballabhacharya etc. have done a lot to develop Vrindaban as the most religious place of the world. Thousands of religious people have chosen to live in Vrindaban for their rest of life after retirement. It is no doubt that Vrindaban with its rich religion & cultural heritage was once the most favorite place of Lord Krishna.

Vrindaban is one of the most sacred places for Hindus and has several temples closely connected with the life of Lord Krishna.

The twin city to Mathura is synonymous with the devotees of Lord Krishna and people from all over the world congregate at Vrindavan. Some unique festivals such as colorful Holi and Janamashtami are celebrated at Vrindavan.

The city of Mathura and surrounding regions experience a Semi-Arid climate. Summers are generally too hot and winters too cold. That is to say that the region enjoys all the seasons in extremes.
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