We arranges trekking tours, camping tour, rafting tours, Jeep safaris tours, and Mountaineering in interesting and varied Himalayan region. We also arrange North India Tours.


The lofty Himalayan peaks rising to dizzy heights have a complex physiographic falling into three regions. The topography of rugged land and dangerous slopes have often beckoned the spirit of the adventurers. No wonder, many of the peaks have been successfully scaled by the mountaineers from the world, over the years.

We organizes high altitude camps, where one gets a chance to have an close encounter with high altitude Himalayan flora and fauna. The camps are set in alpine meadows above timber line with the outstanding views of Greater Himalayan peaks.

The mighty Himalayas standing on the northern frontier  are highly rugged and have difficult and precipitous slopes, horned peaks, serrated crests of high ridges, cirques and glaciers, snow clad slopes, hanging valleys, cascades of sparkling water supplied by melting ice, torrential rapids, deep canyons, roaring streamlets, huge boulders and glistening lakes. These cloud kissing, sky scraping peaks tower serenely above all else creating a picture as only the most adept of all artists :Mother nature could paint.